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Happy Madness Day!

2011-09-22 17:43:41 by MrRedstone

Happy Madness Day to all! The score for Madness Heist is complete. I know I said I would have all of the tracks from the project up today, but I was foolishly unaware of the two upload per day limit. There are currently 4 tracks available but I will have all of the tracks available by 9/24. Anyways, go watch Madness Heist !

Happy Madness Day!


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2011-09-22 20:46:51

dude....your music is fuckin awesome - - you have an outstanding grasp for dramtic timing with music! - - i wish there was more music like yours around newgrounds : )


2011-09-23 07:15:20

Damn, the music for Madness Heist was great dude, it all fit so perfectly. (:


2011-09-23 07:15:45

PS: Is your 46X46 icon that rage against the machine album cover? Rage against the machine is awesome.


2011-09-23 12:10:31

you are music master. honestly, the best full original score to a flash movie ever.


2011-09-28 19:28:46

I am... VERY impressed with this score. I would seriously pay money for it.

I'm struggling with words here. Just amazing.