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Madness Heist In 3rd Place!!!

2011-10-07 19:45:55 by MrRedstone

Madness Heist came in third for Madness Day! Even though I didn't win anything in the audio contest (which I'm not too upset about because everyone's submissions were wonderful), I'm still grateful to have been a part of Madness Heist with my brother and I would like to thank everyone who voted and participated in Madness Day 2011!

Madness Heist In 3rd Place!!!


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2011-10-07 19:58:43

the flash was fucking amazing.i applaud all of you


2012-02-04 21:58:47

Only one comment i guess i'll be the two any who great falsh i would vote to 1st well great job hope you make more awsome flashes:D